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Welcome to the online gallery of the 2022 Asian Art Exhibition!

Our online gallery contains all works of art that are displayed at our in-person exhibition at Plano's Courtyard Theater, plus some works that weren't able to be displayed in the Courtyard Theater this year. Whether you're not in Plano or wish to stay safe and still look at art, we hope you will enjoy the online gallery experience safely from anywhere in the world.

Each photo provided is high resolution for your viewing pleasure.

Each artwork has a name, artist, price (if applicable), and description. Artwork without prices are not for sale. Click on the artist's name for more information, including contact information if you wish to contact the artist directly about something, including discussing purchasing their artwork.

Celebrating Asian American Heritage Foundation does not serve as an intermediary for artwork sales, nor do we collect fees for participation in this exhibition or any sales resulting from this exhibition. As we host the Asian Art Exhibition free every year, we gladly accept charitable donations under our "Support Us" section at our website https://asianamericanheritage.org/. The Celebrating Asian American Heritage Foundation is a nonprofit organization organized under 26 U.S.C. § 501(c)(3).

(Legal disclaimer: All photos of artworks herein are legal property of their creators and have been licensed under permission by the Celebrating Asian American Heritage Foundation ("CAAHF", the "Foundation") for purposes of display at our exhibition (Asian Art Exhibition 2021, "Exhibition"). By viewing this gallery, you agree that you shall not copy or otherwise reproduce any of these photos without permission of its creator, unless explicitly stated otherwise. We allow and even encourage you to share links to this gallery so that others may enjoy the artworks here. In addition, you agree the Foundation takes no responsibility for sales resulting from this exhibition, and you agree to indemnify the Foundation and hold the Foundation harmless in case of disputes or problems arising from any potential sale deal. The Foundation does not endorse nor vouch for any artists selling their artwork at the Exhibition, and Foundation shall not provide any escrow services. All transactions are to be made independent of Foundation and we hold no responsibility for said transactions.)


Detailed artwork listing

To see the name, artist, and medium of each artwork, please click this link: View each artwork in detail